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  1. What do I need to register on Salvage Boats Auction?

    Americans and Canadians need a driver’s license and a few personal details to get started. International buyers need a passport number to create an account. When registering, choose between the three subscription options – basic free, monthly, and yearly. Enter your details and you are good to go.

  2. Do I have to pay to get a membership account?

    No, you can start with a free basic account, which gives you the same access and services as the premium account. However, once you have reached the 2 vehicle purchase limitation on your free basic account, you will need to upgrade the account to a $34.95 per month account or a $189.95 per year account in order to continue purchasing. The membership fee is not refundable..


  1. Who do I pay for the boat?

    You will send all payments to Inloher Corp., the parent company of Salvage Boats Auction. Payment must be made through a direct deposit, wire transfer or cashier’s check. Any other payment method is not allowed. Sending a payment to any other party other than Inloher Corp. will attract a penalty.

Security Deposit

  1. How is the security deposit necessary?

    If a buyer fails to meet their payment obligations, Copart will charge cancellation and relisting fees. We ask for the security deposits to cover these fees in case a buyer fails to pay for a boat they won at an auction, and he/she is not available to pay for these fees.

  2. How much security deposit will I pay?

    You will pay a minimum security deposit of $400.00. For boats with a sale price higher than $4,000.00, you will pay 10 percent of the sale price of the boat.

  3. Is the security fee refundable?

    Yes. Once you meet all payment obligations and the boat ships to you, you can request the fee at any time. You can also get the deposit back if you never win an auction or never enter one. You only lose the deposit if you fail to meet your obligations as a buyer.
  4. When will I get the security deposit back?

    You can request the security deposit refund at any time, as long as you meet conditions that warrant you to have the deposit back. Call or email Salvage Boats Auction, and we will process the deposit for you.

  5. Can the security deposit pay part of the boat sale price?

    You cannot use the deposit towards the purchase.
  6. Do members on the free account pay the security deposit?

    For members on a free account, we place a pre-authorization on their credit card to charge later. Any member on a free account who wishes to buy a boat has to pay the security deposit before entering an auction.

  7. How does the charge show up on my credit card statement?

    The charges will show as "Salvage Auction" on your statement.

  8. Can I pay for the security deposit using a wire transfer?

    Yes. Inloher Corp. accepts wire transfers. If you choose this method, send us the payment details so that we can fund your account.

  9. Can I get a refund through wire transfer?

    Yes. If you request a refund through wire transfer, we will process it. However, you are responsible for any fees charged.


  1. Does Salvage Boats Auction offer shipping services?

    We do not offer transportation, but we connect you with reliable transporters through our website. Open Transportation page and choose from the list of transporters.

  2. After how long do I get the boat title?

    Once you make all the payments, you need to send us a copy of your driver’s license or passport for international buyers. For the residents of Florida, you need to send a notarized Power of Attorney and your electronic signature. The faster you send these items, the faster your title will be processed. It takes up to 45 days to process the documents.

  3. What is Salvage Boats Auction in the sale of Salvage Boats?

    We act as the link between the seller from Copart and the buyer. Because Copart does not allow the general public to bid on boats from their collection, we ensure that you get that chance without applying for a dealer’s license. We have partnered with Copart as their registered broker to ensure everyone gets at the Copart auto auctions.


  1. Is a dealer’s license necessary to buy a salvage boat?

    No. You only need a driver’s license and a membership with Salvage Boats Auction to get the boat of your choice.

  2. Can I bid on any boat that shows up on the search?

    Yes, except for Buy It Now boats that you buy without bidding. The only restrictions that exist are in some states, which do not allow salvage boats. The states of Kansas and Missouri, do not allow residents to own salvage boats. You cannot bid on parts-only boats, junk titles, irreparable boats for sale, chemically destroyed boats, and boats with a certificate of destruction. Before you enter an online bid, check with the state’s DMV to ensure that owning a salvage title boat is allowed by law.

  3. How do I know when another buyer outbids me?

    If your bid is at the top, you will see a green winning light to show that you are ahead. If someone outbids you, you will get a notification email from the auction, notifying you that you will have to rebid.

  4. Can I change my offer after winning an auction?

    No. The offer you make is final and binding, and you agree to stick with it to the end. If the seller approves your offer, you are awarded the boat, and you have to make payment within two days. Canceling an offer or failing to send payment within two days will attract a penalty.


  1. Can I inspect a boat before I enter a bid?

    Yes. You can call the Copart facility where the boat is to schedule an inspection. Most Copart facilities are open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. You can go there alone, or you can bring a professional inspector. Some facilities charge a fee while others allow free inspections. The boat will be available to you as you find it and where you find it.

  2. Do I get help registering the salvage boat with the state DMV?

    Copart will only mail the boat title as it was advertised. It is up to you to find out the process of registering salvage title boats and register your boat. Different states have different laws on salvage titles.

  3. When will I get the title?

    The title may take up to 45 days to mail to you. Copart will mail the title to us once we send the necessary documents, and then we will mail the title to you. You need to send us the required documents fast to ensure the title processes fast, and you have it in your listed mail.


  1. Is the membership fee refundable?

    No, the membership fee is not refundable even after you cancel your subscription. As long as the period of subscription has not elapsed, you can still access our services. If you want to save on the membership fee, pick the annual subscription.

  2. Do I need a credit card for the free account?

    You can enter the credit card account, but we will not charge it before 30 days elapse. We only place an authorization on the card, which turns into a charge after the period elapses.