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Why Buy Salvage Boats

If you are looking to buy a boat, but your budget always falls short, you can buy a salvage boat, repair it, and then get it on the water. After repairing them, the salvage boats for sale will be just as good as any used boats you can buy. If you make up your mind to go for a salvage boat, we will give you access to hundreds of these boats in your location. Every Copart facility near you adds hundreds of boats to its inventory, and one of these boats can be yours.

The large collection of boats to choose from makes it easier for you when you are shopping. Again, these boats are in Copart facilities in almost all states in the United States. This way, you can access the boats if you need to assess their conditions before closing the deal.

Most of these boats will offer you the reliability you get from any other used boat. The only difference is that salvage boats need repairs before they get back on the water. The kind of repair a boat needs will depend on the kind of damage the boat has. However, some of the boats will not need major frame repairs, but minor engine repairs. Not all boats need repairs. For example, some boats that were stolen and recovered, or repossessed boats, might also be labeled as salvage in some states.

You can save thousands of dollars by choosing one of the hundreds of boats in our catalog.

Why Salvage Boats Auction?

When you shop for salvage boats for sale through Salvage Boats Auction, you get access to Copart online auctions. There are several auctions for boats every day, and you can join in as many as you want through Salvage Boats Auction. You also get access to Copart’s catalog of salvage boats, which is the largest catalog in North America.

Once you access the boats, you’ll need to choose one that you love. These boats are available either through an online auction or through the “Buy It Now” option. If you choose a boat available through an online auction, we will get you a chance at the auction so that you can battle it out with dealers and other buyers online.

Our happiness is in seeing you walk away, or better yet, paddle away, with the boat of your dreams. With so many boats on Copart yards around the country, you might be spoiled for choice when you first start searching. We recommend that you visit the Copart facility near you and inspect the boats you might be interested in. This helps you evaluate the condition and estimate how much it would cost to repair the boats.

You can perform a quick search of the boat you need through the search bar at the top of our pages for fast results. If you need more precise results, use our advanced search feature. You can search for a boat by location, by type, model, year, and type of damage on the boat. Besides the search feature, there is also a “Compare” feature that shows you different boats in the same category so that you can choose the best one. This feature allows you to compare up to six boats based on their prices, conditions, and locations.

Once you find a boat you really like, we can provide you with a list of inspectors to help you evaluate the condition of the boat before you enter an online bid.

Entering an Online Bid

After assessing the condition of a boat, it is easy for you to enter an online bid. Salvage Boats Auction gives you access to Copart’s live online auctions. Ensure you have paid the security deposit before entering an online auction. You will have a bidder number and the login details to access the auction and battle it out with dealers and other buyers.

These auctions were previously not accessible to the general public, but through our system, they are accessible. After winning at an auction, you will be a step closer to owning a boat.

Through Salvage Boats Auction, you get:

Access to hundreds of salvage boats for sale in a facility near you
Access to Copart auto auctions without a dealer’s license or Copart registration
Easy access to hundreds of boat inspectors and boat transporters from our system