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Search a Large Collection of Salvage Title Boats

The price of a new boat, especially a sports boat, might make you put away your dreams of ever owning a boat. However, that doesn't have to be the case when you can buy salvage boats through us for a fraction of their market value.

Registration with Salvage Boats Auction grants you:

• Access to all our vehicle auction sites including trucks, autos and bikes.
• Unrestricted boat search
• Unrestricted bids and purchases (except in California and Kansas. Michigan only in boats with clean title)
• Support when you need it from an experienced team
• Dedicated support customer service

The beauty of shopping through Salvage Boats Auction is that you will never run out of boats to choose from. Copart receives hundreds of additional boats every year, and we ensure you have access to these boats through Salvage Boats Auction. We believe that every member is VIP and all members get the same access and the same chances at walking away with a boat. You do not need to be a dealer to shop through us.

Our stellar services have earned us an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, and we continue to offer even better services.

If you are ever lost during the purchase process, we will be here to guide you through it and ensure you have everything you need.

If you have ever visited a boat shop online or ever been to a boatyard, you know that boats are expensive. Most people prefer having a good car to a boat that you will only use when on vacation. However, not all boats are expensive. If you are looking for an affordable boat, a used boat will be more within your budget than a new one. However, not all used boats are affordable as some of them are still relatively new. If you need a cheap boat, go for wrecked boats for sale. These are some of the boats we also offer at Salvage Boats Auction.

These boats allow you to save thousands of dollars in the purchase price, and they offer you the same reliability you would get with any other used boat.

We bring you hundreds of boats from a facility near you to have at your disposal. These are boats from different brands, in different locations, different sizes, and for diverse budgets. Unlike visiting a yard that sells new boats, the Copart boat collection has all the boats you may have ever dreamed of.

The challenge with shopping for boats on Copart is that the general public does not have access to the auctions. That is why we created Salvage Boats Auction to give you access to the auctions and help you bring a new boat home.

Most of these boats are repairable, and you can get them back on the water within a few days. With so many repairable boats for sale, you only need an inspector to start bidding on and buying as many boats as you need.

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